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Exciting News about Class Balancing!

Hey fellow L2Gold fans,

One of the core aspects we’ve focused on is class balancing. Our aim is to make sure that all classes, including crafters, spoilers, summoners, doomcryers, and shillien elders, get the attention they deserve and are brought up to par with other classes in terms of effectiveness and viability.

Shillien Elder

Shillien Elder

Here’s what you can expect from our class balancing efforts:

  1. Crafters and Spoilers: We understand the importance of these classes in the game’s economy and progression. To encourage players to engage more actively in crafting and spoiling, we have boosted their abilities. They will be able to collect rare materials more efficiently, and their crafted items will have unique bonuses, making them indispensable in various aspects of the game.

  2. Summoners: The summoner classes often suffer from being overshadowed by other damage-dealing classes. We are determined to change that. By boosting their summoning abilities and enhancing their pets, summoners will become formidable forces in both PvE and PvP. They will be able to hold their own in battles and contribute significantly to group activities.

  3. Doomcryers and Shillien Elders: These support classes will be crucial in enhancing the overall group dynamics and strategy. To ensure they are not left behind in the shadows, we are elevating their support abilities. Expect their buffs, debuffs, and healing spells to be more potent, making them essential team members in both PvE and PvP encounters.

Our primary goal is to encourage players to pick the classes they genuinely enjoy playing, rather than feeling compelled to opt for the most dominant classes. We want every class to have a meaningful role and shine in its unique way.

We are super excited to launch this server and are confident that our dedication to class balance will result in a thriving and enjoyable community. Stay tuned for additional features we have in store for you.

Best regards.

Published Aug 4, 2023